As far as I remember I always loved photography. When I was a child was surrounded by cameras, my mom, my uncles…
I was used to catching funny and original stuff or most of the time landscapes or flowers. A few years ago I found work from reporters like Steve Mc Curry clearly a big source of inspiration; colorful pictures with always something strong in it; master of composition. I started then to look for street photographers and I fell in love with some great artists like Gruyaert, Pinkhassov, and Leiter.

December 2016 I got my very first own réflex for my birthday thank you, mom ♥, (CANON EOS 100D) and I started to go down streets and shoot. Too shy to share my work, it took me 2 months to post some pictures on Instagram. One day I took a train to Paris to meet some people for a job and I sat down next to a guy who I’d not met before and we talked all the way around 3 hours about life, work, and photography. He suggested me to try to share a lot; positive or negative feedback would be constructive so I decided then to post everything I liked, I started to be really active and now 2 years later I get some nice feedback, I’ve met nice people even made friends. I’ve changed my camera for an XPro 2 with a 23 mm lens which I use most of the time.

I’m a big fan of the film so I get 3 or 4 film cameras and I love shooting film as much as its possible; most of the time with Minolta SRT 101 and an XD7 but it’s way more expensive. I’d like to thank all people following on Instagram, I still can’t believe it, it’s the best feedback I could get about my work. Since I started, I’m selling some prints; an exhibition is into a restaurant. I’ve been published into a magazine and this website is just launched.

I’m never looking for something precisely otherwise I would miss a lot focus on only one thing.

I’m alive with shadows, my eyes are focused on, even when I don’t have my camera with me. But I like to play with everything around me like colors, lights, juxtaposition, texture. I’m never looking for something precisely otherwise I’d miss a lot of focus on only one thing.

I try to compose nicely with the stuff that streets give me. As often as possible I try to move to a new place, it’s a good exercise for the eyes tan shooting always to the same place. After each travel, when I come back to my city I’m founding stuff I’ve never noticed before.